My name is Mia Sorada. I am a professional life coach.

Coaching can be a life-changing catalyst. It can also be incubator to improve habits and get things done, providing the leverage to move the things forward that help you the most. 


Coaching is simple and powerful. At its core, it is active listening and thoughtful questioning that help you put the answers you already to have to life’s questions, into your own words that define your path forward. 


What can coaching be used for? It can be used for work and career paths, for relationships, for self-improvement, for learning – whatever your dream is, coaching can turn your dream into real life. 

My Coaching Background

I learned about coaching in 2017, when I worked with former mentees of Bill Campbell. I was also inspired when I helped do events with Conscious Leadership Group. In 2020, I received my training and ACSTH certificate from Ignite Global, an ICF accredited program.  I have accumulated over 100 hours of coaching and received my ACC credential in 2022. 

More About Me

For me, coaching is the activity that brings all of my skills into one focus. I have a varied background, including having been formally trained in music and having worked in the fine art and fashion worlds in New York. In addition to coaching, I am a Project Coordinator for a National Lab, an MBA candidate at Chatham University, and a board member of the East End Food Co-op.

Ready to Learn More?

  • 30 minute introductory discovery sessions are free! 
  • 60 minute sessions are $50.
  • 60 minutes sessions at the Student Rate are $15.
  • Inquire for pro bono opportunities.