Why I became a coach

I found coaching in 2017. As I learned more about what goes into a really great coaching program, before long I began to think about becoming one. 

My favorite things about coaching are listening, empathy, and creativity. It is very rewarding to partner with someone as they take the helm of change in their lives. 

My coaching credentials and experience

As I learned more about the coaching industry, I realized that it’s kind of like the Wild West!  I found awesome coaches who are truly helping others, and I also found over prescriptive coaches. Then I found coaches who are practicing unlicensed therapy or counseling in the name of coaching. I realized I wanted to do this right.

I found the International Coaching Federation, which  sets a global standard. I researched programs that the ICF recognizes, and in 2020 I chose and completed Ignite Global’s Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. I am on currently on track working towards the ICF’s first accreditation level, the Associate Certified Coach Certification.